No, we do not offer any design services. The customer is responsible for providing ready-to-print artwork.

For online orders, you can pay via online bank transfer (instant transfer). Please make sure to upload the receipt in the designated upload column before placing your order. Note that for cheque payment, we will wait until the cheque is cleared and deposited into our bank account before proceeding with your order.

No, all payment have to be cleared before we proceed with your order.

Our company name is S&Y Printing Sdn Bhd, and our Public Bank account number is 319 364 9219.Please note that some banks may not accept symbols, so you may change "&" to "N" when making your payment.

If you overpaid or made a mistaken transaction, we will return the balance to your S&Y Printing online account. Deposits can only be used for online purchases and we do not offer cash refunds or online transfers back to your bank account. Please note that S&Y Printing will not entertain any refund requests once payment has been deposited.

If you wish to top up and get a lower price (Classic RM 2k, Gold RM 5k, Premium RM 10k), please transfer the payment to our bank account and then contact our accounting department via WhatsApp at 60127216977. Please make sure that the amount you top up is sufficient for your order. After topping up, you will only be able to proceed to checkout with the funded method, so if the funds are not sufficient, you will need to top up the same amount to maintain the price. You may top up any amount, such as RM 2400 for Classic or RM 7500 for Gold.

Please note that the following terms and conditions apply to the top-up and cancellation/ change policies:

The funds can be used anytime, with no time limit. However, if you wish to maintain the same price after using the funds, you will need to top up the same amount to maintain the price. If you do not wish to top up, please contact our accounting department to change it back to the normal price before placing your order.

After you top up, there will be no cash refund or online transfer back to your bank account. Deposits can only be used for online purchases.

Top-up funds cannot be used for special custom quote orders.

No, we do not allow cancellations, refunds, or exchanges of products once payment has been accepted. Customers must double-check their orders before placing them, as artwork cannot be changed after the order is placed, and the order is already arranged to be printed. S&Y Printing will not entertain any cancellations, refunds, or exchanges due to a customer's change of mind.

- File doesn't met requirement/artwork problem and you cannot resend the printable artwork and you request to cancel
- After you place the order but the order hasn't been processed yet For all cancelled orders, the money can only be returned to the website funds can be used for the next order, and cannot be refunded to the bank account.
-The order item has gone out of stock.

- We delivered the wrong products to the customer due to our mistakes, you may return to exchange or we will assist to provide solution, refund is non permitted. Notes: Please take note that we are not responsible for any damage caused during delivery as we will make sure the package is wrapped nicely and securely to avoid any damages.

- Printing outcome not perfect, got lines, colour drops, dirt, stained with ink, etc
- Finishing outcome is not perfect, most of the finishing is cut and glued by hand, like joining, and cutting all will not be perfect, so cannot be 100% perfect.

JPG/JPEG (in actual size) CMYK Colour mode, for Die cut sticker product only, please ready your artwork in .Ai format with die cut line. Please noted that we prefer JPG/JPEG file formats in CMYK colour mode, if customer insist using any other file formats such as .ai, .psd, .png etc, we are NOT responsible for any loss or damage of images or artwork that occurs in conversions from any other file formats to JPEG file formats.

No, the color of the printed product may not be an exact match to the original artwork on your screen. The level of difference will depend on the machine's ICC, and the outcome may differ by 10% to 50% in color range. Some sensitive color prints may show more variation.

No, we do not provide color guarantee or artwork color proof checking services. If you wish to achieve the same color as your screen, we cannot ensure that it will be possible. There will be no refunds or rejections for color differences in the finished product. If you require a color proof, you need to order the exact material and machine that you want to order, arrange a color chart, and place an order through our website. After you receive the desired color, you may place a new order within seven days and adjust the same CMYK for the file follow the sample color proof. Please note that even with a color proof sample, we cannot ensure that the repeat order will be 100% the same color as the sample. If you require exact color matching and are not willing to accept any variation, please do not place an order.

NO. We cannot be held liable for any consequences in the event an artwork error goes undetected. Such as errors of missing font, missing linked file, CMYK over 250%, RGB color / Pantone color, image less than 300dpi, line less than 0.25pts, font less than 8pts, less than 10% different for toning effect as well as grammar mistakes and object missing due to overprint setting.

For most products, we accept JPEG/TIFF files in actual size with CMYK color mode. For products requiring die-cut or white ink, we only accept Ai CS 6 files. Please ensure that your die-cut line is in a separate layer. If we receive your files in any other format except Ai CS6, we will place your order on hold to avoid mistakes. Additionally, please ensure that your Ai file is complete and that all fonts are outlined and images are embedded. Any overprint settings need to be unticked. Please note that we are not responsible for any loss or damage to images or artwork.

No, we do not provide proof-checking services for artwork. Before placing your order, please double-check the artwork and ensure that it meets our requirements and guidelines. Make sure the file is in the actual size or proportionate to the order size. We will not check the file for any problems, such as blurriness, missing fonts, or incorrect size or color mode. If there is a problem with the artwork that cannot be printed, you must resend the artwork that can be printed. If you cannot resend the artwork and request to cancel the order, the money can only be returned to the website funds and cannot be refunded to your bank account.

While we are committed to timely delivery, we cannot guarantee 100% punctuality due to factors such as weather, emergencies, or the quantity of your order. In some cases, the processing time may be extended. If your order is not ready after the timeframe stated on our website, please contact us via WhatsApp at 60126977235 to check on the status.

No. Finished goods may not be 100% accurate in actual size. Most materials will have a difference of 1 inch to 2 inches for every 10 feet due to different types of finishing and material sizes. For fabric products, after printing, the fabric must be dried using a heater machine, which may result in variation in the size of each print. On average, there may be a difference of 2 inches to 5 inches for every 10 feet, so we cannot guarantee the size.

We prefer sizes in inches. Our website has a size converter for your convenience.

Our cut-off time for normal 3 working day and urgent next working day orders is 6 pm. For same-day orders, the cut-off time is before 6 pm sharp. For Saturday, all orders are cut off before 2.30 pm.

Please go to "My Account" > "Edit Account" http://syprinting.com.my/my-account/edit_account, fill in all details, and make sure to key in the postal code with a space, then save changes.

If your file size is large, please upload a small size dummy file to place the order first. Then, please send your artwork to syprinting@yahoo.com, rename the file with size + quantity, and include the order number in the email.

Yes, before placing the order, please WhatsApp 0126977362 to request a new quotation based on your enquiry. We will try our best to assist you.

No, we only accept online orders. For custom orders, please WhatsApp 0126977362.

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