Cardboard Stand

Please fit your artwork according to out template, please noted that after we cut out the board, the size of the board will be lesser.

compress foam 5mm
Finishing : Cut Shape




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Normal Top Up
1 - 10 Sets - Normal Price - RM /Set
11 - 50 Sets - RM 3/Set - RM /Set
51 - 100 Sets - RM 4/Set - RM /Set
101 - 9999 Sets - RM 5/Set - RM /Set
10000 Sets above please contact customer service

Final Total (not including SST 10%)

RM 0.0


Upload Your Artwork (If your file size is too large, or more than 2 artworks, please zip you file and send by wetransfer, upload any small size jpeg file and remark file send by wetransfer)

Collect Date (Please noted that collection time for Normal and Urgent Order is 6pm, Same Day order is 9pm and there are extra charges for urgent order.)

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